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Differences between Short-Term and Long-term Copier Leasing

Copier Leasing

The printing industry has emerged due to technology innovations. One of which is the so-called copier leasing. In copier leasing Philadelphia, businesses have chosen a recognized leader in such copier lease services, including sales, repair, and maintenance. This service-provider and dealer of top-brands helped companies achieve optimum productivity by providing reliable and high-quality equipment for more than 20 years. One of their great Philadelphia copiers has advanced features, coupled with the flexible payment terms of the said copier lease Philadelphia.

One of the essential things in copier leasing services that must be considered is the length of the term that you will be utilizing the copy machine. Every copier lease agreement is subject to terms and conditions. But in doing so, you must first take a close look at the differences between short-term and long-term copier leasing

Which is of more excellent value? Which is more convenient? 

A typical copier rental Philadelphia contract period can range between 3 to 5 years. Logically, a longer-term tenure translates to lower monthly payments as the principal amount is amortized over a more extended period. 

Traditionally, most business copiers are leased on either a 36-month lease term or a 60-month lease term. In both cases, these lease terms are non-cancellable, and you would want to be sure that your business will have all the system features of the machine for at least as long as the lease term is selected. 

In some cases, there is a shorter-term need to use commercial color copier machines; situations such as construction projects with temporary administrative offices such as Environmental Clean-up or Community support office as a response to current natural disasters or during the current pandemic. There will be expected hefty volumes of printing, copying, and scanning in these cases, but the period needed may be just a few months or a year. The best fit for these cases is the traditional copy leases, which can provide internally financed, monthly rental programs set up on a month to month basis or term.

The clear benefit of a month-to-month rental for shorter-term projects is that there is no commitment to maintaining a copier lease payment beyond the time you have an active use for the copy system. 

The challenge with short-term rentals is that there are limited copier companies to choose from that offer short-term rental programs. Out of this limited number of companies, only a percentage have the strong service reputation or standing you’re looking for. Ideally, when looking for a short-term, month-to-month copier rental, it is advised to find a company that can provide a satisfactory response to the questions and concerns of importance when purchasing a short-term copier rental provider.

Now, upon knowing the usual differences of the short-term and long-term copier leasing, the following must still be checked as they are of equal importance with that of the term of the agreement:

  • Reviews

 Local reviews suggest outstanding copier service and fast service response times of the service-providers;

  • Age and present condition of a rental unit

Purchasers must confirm the quality of the equipment included in the rental. In most cases, the equipment provided on a short-term rental is not a brand new copy machine. With that being said, not all “pre-owned” copiers are alike. Some companies only offer used copiers that have been traded in after a laborious life in someone else’s business office. This may be a predicament if you rent a copier for a high volume operation where productivity and reliability are at a premium.

  • Affordability

Ensure that you negotiate for a reasonable and affordable monthly rental payment with adequate Print and Copy Allowance. It should also have a fixed monthly pricing for the use of the copy machine and a level headed copy-print allowance, which are included in the base monthly rental payment. Monthly copier rental agreements’ terms, conditions, and pricing can vary dramatically from one dealer to another and somewhat far from regulated.

  • Terms and Costs

Purchasers are encouraged to ensure that the prices, rental terms, and anything else included in the delivery are clearly outlined in the rental agreement. As a final point, the costs to terminate the contract and have the copier picked up must be indicated.

These are but key points in weighing the differences between short-term and long-term copier leasing. These points must always be noted while venturing into modern-day printing.