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What To Look For When Buying A Business Copier

What To Look For When Buying A Business Copier

Business copiers are some of the biggest investments you will make to keep your office running as smoothly as possible. Whether you are purchasing a copier for a small office space or investing in numerous copiers for multiple offices, you need to make sure you are purchasing equipment designed with numerous key features and fits within your budget. Because some copiers do need to be serviced regularly, you will need to take some time to compare brands, warranty information, and service agreements before making the purchase. 

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Here are some things that you need to look for when buying business copiers for the office. 

The total output

You need to make sure that your copier can handle the volume of printing that your office needs. Massive copiers with fax, print and other functions may be better for corporations and office spaces where you will have a lot of users. You need to review past service agreements with print shops or use auditing tools to know what the average print volume is for the office. This can help make it easier to choose a copier that can handle the print volume that your office needs. 

Black and white vs. colored printing

If you will not be using the copier to make numerous copies of presentations, marketing collateral or images in full color, you may be able to save a lot of money by purchasing a copier that only uses black ink. You need to consider your budget and the primary use of the copier when comparing different models and makes. If you do plan on buying a printer copier with scanning and other features, you may need something with color options. 

Consider MFPs or multifunction products

An MFP may have scanning, fax and printing capabilities in addition to basic copying features. You can consider investing in a multifunction product with numerous capabilities and functions to save office space and even save money on equipment purchases. This kind of investment may be justified if numerous departments will be sharing equipment on a regular basis. For example, marketing teams may need to take care of scanning, printing, and faxing tasks on a tight deadline. Finance and accounting departments may need to use a scanner or copier more often than others. Sales teams in your office may need access to a fax machine and printer regularly. You can consider the benefits of a multi-purpose copier instead of the standard business copier when your team members or employees from different departments will be sharing it. 

Hard drive

Some copiers have hard drives in them that lets users store copies of documents, transfer documents electronically and line up copy jobs virtually. Consider business copiers with hard drives in them if you think some users might need access to template-style documents like forms and checklists on a regular basis. The hard drive will also need to be large enough to accommodate large-scale printing jobs and long queues. Compare hard drive features to make sure the copier can handle your office’s workload. 

Wireless printing and security

Almost all of the latest models of copiers have wireless printing capabilities that allow users to print remotely. You will need to make sure that your copier is set up with some kind of network security authentication system so that only certain people have authorized access to the copier and network. Wireless printing capabilities can help increase productivity in the office and streamline business processes. Consider getting in a copier with wireless printing capabilities and features to create accounts for different users. 

Purchasing a copier for your business can be a massive investment and you will need to compare certain features to make sure you are making the best business decision. You can consider the benefits of a multi-use machine versus a standard copier to save some money and office space. 

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