Which is Right For You to use? New or Used Copiers

There is no doubt that copiers are essential items for most workplaces. A new and well-functioning copier might cost you more than 4,000 US Dollars. And that is before adding the service fee.

Considering its expensiveness, many might ask if refurbished, or used copiers can still do the job well. We can compare copiers to used cars. When you are on the road and driving it 24/7, you may ask if it can reduce its original price, although it is still brand new. In that case, doesn’t it make sense to acquire a reconditioned or used office copier?

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The simple answer to that question is no. Being one of the leading leasing agencies of refurbished and new copiers, many of you ask which new or used copier is worth investing in. After all, why do you need to spend money on something new if you only need to perform a few simple things?

What is the Difference Between a New or Used Copier?

Before we answer which new and used copier is right for you, we first need to understand how a used or new copier differs from each other.

Most of you probably made a passing reference to the possibility of purchasing a used or secondhand copier. It is a piece of office equipment that seems brand new but was probably sent back to the dealer since the person who bought it found that it did not fulfill their requirements. In addition, used copiers are sometimes called the “low mileage” option with a considerable price reduction.

On the other hand, a new copier refers to an office machine with zero dents or no flaws at all. Sometimes, depending on the brand, they are available for high prices. Despite being inexpensive, you can rest assured that you can use a dent-free or damage-free copier.

New vs. Used Copiers

First, investing your hard-earned money in a used copier can be a great way to save money. But in contrast to new copiers, old ones are constructed with features and components that are older and more expensive to obtain. This means that replacing those parts may be more expensive.

Due to the fact that it gets ever costlier to keep older devices working, many service providers may charge you a significant amount of money for their maintenance on machines as they age. Let’s compare it in the case with automobiles: the older the machine, the more issues it will experience in the future.

On the other hand, the initial money you have to invest in new copiers is more. But this will help you save more money in the long run. They would have much cheaper servicing costs and higher parts availability because they are new. This will save you from any unexpected expenses if one of its components malfunctions.

So, which of these two options should you choose then?

Final Thoughts

Whether a new and used copier is right for you will depend on different factors, including your printing or copying demands. If you only need to print or copy a few documents per day, or you only need it to do light print works, then it would be wise to invest in a used copier.

On the other hand, if your company demands a higher print volume, it is only evident that getting a new copier is more beneficial and easy to deal with over time.