The continuous innovation of technology and machines paves the way for copier leasing. To cut down the cost of printer and copier needs in most companies, copier leasing services offer them a cheaper and affordable lease for quality and best copier brands. Now that you know that a copier lease is much better than buying a new printer or copier, what are the things that you should ask before leasing a printer or a photocopier? Listed below are some pointers that you must keep in mind before getting a copier lease.

How long is the term? 

Just like any other type of lease, you must ask the copier lease service about the lease duration. How long will your lease last? Can you choose how long the terms will last? 

Why opt for copier leasing? 

Copier leasing services in Philadelphia offer copier leases for companies that only need to use the machine for a short period. If you opt for a copier lease in Philadelphia, you can save money as you will be only paying a small number of lease rates. It also guarantees your safety from dealing with copier disposals when the economy is uncertain.

What kind of copier lease are you offering me?

There are two types of lease that the company may offer you, a Fair Market Value lease and a Dollar Buy-Out lease. The most common type of lease being offered to the lessor is the Fair Market Value lease, where at the end of the term the leasing company will tell you the value of the machine and it’s up to you if you’re going to buy it or not. Another one is the Buyout lease which may cost you a lot during the term of the lease but will only cost you less at the end of the lease term.


What will happen to the hard drive after the lease ends?

Every copier and printer that you’re going to rent has hard drives installed on it. Now, this is a very important question, what will happen to the hard drive installed in the copier after the lease ends? You have the option to take the hard drive with you or wipe clean the data encoded in it. You must not take this lightly because the company’s data is installed on it.

Are there taxes that I need to pay when leasing a copier?

You must clarify this to the leasing company. Some local governments may assess you for property tax, if the company will not pay for the property tax, you will be the one who will shoulder it. It is better to ask the leasing company beforehand.

Are insurance and maintenance provided on the contract?

You need to ask the leasing company about the insurance and the maintenance of the machine. Clarify if the fee that you’re going to pay already includes the insurance or if you need to purchase it separately.

Who’s responsible for the shipping of supplies such as toner, papers, and other consumables?

Better ask the leasing company their terms regarding the shipment of consumables supplies. It is important to clarify who will pay for the shipment, otherwise, you may be disappointed with an unexpected shipping invoice.

Each company has its terms and conditions regarding copier leasing services. Some have nice deals, but some may have costs you secret charges. Before getting yourself tied up on a lease contract, make sure to ask every question you have in mind that needs clarification. To avoid trouble, better ask ahead.

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