Office Copier FAQs

Your old copier may not be meeting the demands in your busy office. It may also be lacking features in growing an organization. The issue escalates, resulting in more repair needs, as this will continue to force production to a stop. Since you will need an upgrade, in this case, you must know the functions and features of an office copier. Remember that each office is unique, so ask a few questions that are as follows.

How Much Copying and Printing Do You Do Each Month?

It would help if you thought about the output every month. Know if your company has an average need exceeding 1,000 pages every month. If yes, you must grab an office copier on a business grade to handle pages in huge volume. But before you buy a printer, check the usage as recommended. It will tell you the number of pages that it can manage monthly. Choose a copier rated for handling fifteen percent more as you print every month. Thus, it can readily rise to the challenges as the business grows.

What is the Print Resolution that You Need?

Think about the output quality when you opt for an office copier. This is as the dots for every inch or dpi. If you do not need top-notch quality and high-resolution, the low-end type of inkjet printer will do the work to meet your needs. The printer can do something as 600 by 600 dpi. To prioritize quality print of pages, you must grab a high-end inkjet type of printer with doubling the resolution. 

Another good option is the laser printer. A low-end laser printer can print white and black at 1,200 by 1,200. If you want to upgrade, you could grab some better resolution. Know who will first be seeing your documents. If you send them to customers, you want high quality products. 

Do You Like It Doing More Than Making Copies?

It will help if you choose a basic office copier when making copies. But then, most companies would demand more from their copiers. A multi-function printer does it all. MFPs can email, fax, print, scan, copy, and many more. You could also send jobs to a machine straight from your desk, as this will make it easier to get the work done. If you believe this is suitable for your office, consult a local and authorized copier dealer, as this will consider the different options of the copier.

Is There A Need for Additional Features?

Think about other additional features for a copier for your office. A multi-function printer can provide features like an automatic document feeder, three-hole punches, and many more. Decide what it is you want from a printer. Purchase a model that already has these excellent features.

Who Makes the Best Office Copier?

The best-performing office copier to purchase on the market comes from well-recognized manufacturers such as Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Canon, and many more. But then, not all of them are created equally. So, it will vary on the copying volume monthly, business type, and business development goals in the long term. 

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A compact copier would be ideal if yours is a small business and a team copies below 50,000 pages every month. The Konica Minolta Bizhub 3320 or the exact solution is a better option.

If yours is a medium enterprise and the copying, printing, and scanning volume reaches 150,000 pages every month, an all-in-one solution would seem ideal, as this will complement the demands of various departments in a company. 

So, keep these office copier FAQs in mind to guide you regarding your buying choice for an office copier!