4 Best Multifunction Printer for Small Business

With the current rise of the pandemic, a lot of people found beauty in it. Though it brought a lot of change to each of us, some took this as an opportunity to start a new life and conquer new paths ahead. While others chose to wait at home, some opened small businesses not just for past time but also as a source of income. It may be a new start but for some reason, having a printer is also a must since it is also a great tool in advertising the business that you are starting. There may be a lot of choices for you since we are in the age of science and technology but you must also be careful in choosing which is perfect enough with the business you are having. Here are four best multifunction printers that will be of great help in your small business. 

If your business needs printing, scanning and copying then the Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw is the best choice for you to choose. This printer can print tons of papers even before you find out that the cartridge ran out of ink. It can also scan papers or documents needed for your business that does not take up all of your time. It prints black and white pages swiftly which is also a big factor to consider once you purchase a printer. This printer is the best printer to choose if your business is all about printing or scanning documents, especially more on texts. 

Another printer that a small business may want to consider is the Canon MAXIFY GX7020. If you are looking for an inkjet printer then this is the printer you may have been looking for. This printer can give you high quality printing but at the same time at low costs. It has a large refillable ink tank that allows you to print tons of pages without the fear of losing ink anytime. It is not time consuming since it prints single pages very quickly without causing delay.  It also has a touch screen display which makes it easy to navigate and control. This printer will suit any business who requires a lot of printing but also wants to save up the budget needed. 

If you are looking for a printer which is cheaper and prints high quality black and white pages then the Brother MFC-L2710DW will suit your small business. Though it cannot print as many pages as other printers, this printer can give you the high resolution black and white page that you may need. If you go for cheaper or low cost printing then choosing this printer will benefit you a lot. Brother will not fail you if you want to have low cost printing but have high resolution black and white pages. This is the best printer for a small business with a tight budget but also requires printing. 

For your small business that needs a wide format printer, then you might want to check the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740. This printer can help you print papers that are large in format. No matter what size the paper may be, the printer can produce it in a glimpse. Unlike any other printers, it has a large cartridge that can help you print large quantity of papers. Its printing is also low cost which is very beneficial especially to small businesses. It helps you save your budget but also print a lot of papers that you may need. It may be weak when it comes to printing with colors but its strong point is printing in black and white pages. It can produce pages with high resolution in black and white. 

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Starting a small business may be a risk but to lessen the possibilities of failing you must also be careful in choosing the devices to help you in your business. Keep in mind that it can also be a source of income or another source of expenses if you do not choose the right thing.