Reasons Why your Copier Overheat

In an office setting, perhaps one of the busiest office tools you can see are the copiers. These pieces of equipment are used by people practically every day. At some point, copiers become worn out because of too much use. You may sometimes find yourself in front of an overheating copier and waiting for it to cool down and restart might waste a lot of time. Thus, knowing and understanding why copiers overheat can help you pinpoint the problems easily and help your tech people come up with the right solution. Here are some of the common reasons why copiers overheat. 

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Not Enough Space

Since copiers are relatively larger than any other office tools, it can take a lot of space in your office. Many offices are so cramped and tight and this results in putting copiers in a not-so-ideal area surrounded by other machines and office equipment as well. When copiers are placed at cramped areas, it cannot properly release the warm air that it releases during the copying process. This will then result in overheating. When the internal temperature of the copier increases, it sometimes shuts itself off. 

Overheating Copiers Because of Age

Commercial copiers change their features every so often but this doesn’t mean that you need to replace your machine just as often. However, you need to keep a close eye on your copier’s age. Ideally, copiers can last up to a year. By the time it gets older, you will start to notice your machine starting to get temperamental. Others don’t respond to commands as efficiently as it did during the early years. You may want to check your supplier for a feature upgrade with your copier model. 

Overall Use

You really can’t expect your copiers to do efficiently especially if your employees use it a number of times every day. More workers mean more struggle for your machine; which then results in overheating. Try giving your copier some time to cool down. Suggest to your workers to use printers as an alternative. 

The Consequences of Overheating Copiers 

Copiers are essential tools not only for offices but practically in all business institutions. In fact, some of today’s operations rely a lot on a photocopying machine. This is primarily the reason why businesses must make sure that their copiers work at their optimum. 

A photocopier has to be secured in a well-ventilated, air-conditioned room to avoid overheating. When this happens, selenium degenerates. This is the compound that coats a copier’s photocopying drum. Once a copier overheats and selenium is exposed, this will result in respiratory problems, insomnia, and poor concentration. 

Apart from the health risks caused by overheated copiers, this also causes business operations since these copiers are already unusable. Furthermore, the potential risk of fire accidents is very possible when you have an overheated photocopier. 

Maintenance Neglect. Like copiers leasing shops, you also need to practice proper care and maintenance of your copying machine to avoid overheating. Dust and debris, among others, can easily make their way inside the machine. When these accumulate, the copier is at risk of overheating. It is important that proper cleaning and maintenance is regularly done to avoid clogging of the copier. Most photocopying machine manufacturers have maintenance teams to help you get rid of the debris before it starts giving you a headache. When your copier is overheating, try not to handle the problem by yourself as this can possibly cause scalding. Especially if you’re not knowledgeable about the mechanisms of the machine, doing the repair by yourself can pose a great risk. Contact your local copier manufacturers to help you with your overheating machine problems to guarantee you of a safe and worry-free repair.