4 Common Printer Repairs and How to Fix Them

Printers can be quite temperamental at times. By some weird coincidence, they usually act up when you are in such a crunch and you need to finish your work or you are in the groove of things. This can really mess up your productivity.

Here are several of the common issues that a printer can have so that you will not get flustered when it happens.

  1. Printer is not connected to the wireless connection. Going wireless can be such a blessing. It gives you the freedom to be mobile and to move around without any cable holding you back. It allows you to be more collaborative and freer since you can take your work wherever inspiration is. But the thing with being wireless is that the connection can tend to get choppy or inconsistent. The same can happen to your connection with your printer. Unreliable wifi signals can cause disruptions to how your printer performs. A simple trick you can try is to get closer to the router or signal source and try connecting. If this does not work, you should check your router and make sure that you are connected to the same network and that the router settings are in order. 
  2. Print quality of print. This issue can happen due to a variation of reasons. Poor print out usually happens because the printer is low on ink or there is a blockage in the printer head. Sometimes the quality of the paper can even play a factor in this matter. The best way to deal with this situation is to check on your printer and see if the ink levels are still high. If the ink has run out, replace the unit with ink that is sourced from legitimate stores. If the problem is a blockage in the printer head, this will require you to gently remove the cartridge that has the blockage and clean the item. Take extra care in handling printer components because they have microchips that can easily be damaged if forced or banged. Lastly, if the printer quality is still not improved despite everything being in order with the printer hardware, try checking the printer setting. The output might be of low quality because the printer is set that way. There are printers with default settings set as draft print for more economical print per page ratio, however, the quality of the print is definitely not vivid. This can be easily fixed by changing the printer setting to the desired quality of print output.
  3. Printer keeps trapping the paper. Paper jams can be quite a triggering occurrence because it can take up so much time to address and it tends to ruin lots of paper which can mean loss to the company. In order to avoid paper jams, try not to over stuff your printer tray. Also, when refilling the tray, make sure to fan out the paper to release any pages that may have been stuck together or any friction between the pages. If you are using paper that is a little bit thicker than usual, you can opt to feed it to the printer one at a time. In removing jams, make sure that you get all the bits of the paper so that it will not cause issues in the future.
  4. The printer will not turn on. This issue can be due to the cable wire being damaged. Try unplugging the printer from the socket and check the power cable, if it is damaged in any way, best to replace it than to patch it up.

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 So keep your cool and don’t blow a gasket when your printer starts acting up or going on the fritz.do not let printer errors get in the way of you finishing what you need to accomplish.