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Xerox B215: Review

Xerox B215 is the top-spec machine among the brand’s trio of cheap printers(opens in new tab) aimed at the small office. The cheaper Xerox B205 is the same as this, but lacks a touchscreen and a duplex mode, while the B210 is a print-only device.

The Xerox B215 is the brand’s smallest multifunction device and it’s light enough to lift easily onto a desk. It’s a common form factor for a four-in-one with the 50-sheet automatic document feeder sitting on top of a hinged scanner lid that is larger than the printer it is sitting on top of. To fit A4 paper inside, you have to extend the paper tray out the back by a couple of inches. That gives the Xerox B215 a deceptively small footprint, while taking up more room on your desk than you might expect.

Xerox B215 Printer review: Performance

Banners banished, the B215 turned out to be a fast printer. Xerox claims a printing pace of up to 30ppm, and it reached 26.3ppm on our test, which includes job preparation. This took longer on our 24-page mixed graphics job, but the printer still reached a creditable 21.8ppm. Duplex speeds were impressive, the B215 printing 10 sides onto five pages in one minute. Print quality was generally very good, with just a couple of subtle artefacts in our test presentation slides and some mild banding. Text printed with the PostScript driver was consistently perfect, but on some documents printed with the default PCL driver, it wasn’t fully black, making it appear jagged under magnification.

The B215 uses a simple scan interface that’s easy to operate. Scanning was quick, with A4 scans at either 150 or 300 dpi, each completing in just 11 seconds. We encountered problems when attempting our higher-resolution scans of a photo, however, with the TWAIN interface crashing at 600 and 1,200 dpi. We switched to the supplied Easy Document Creator software, which worked fine at 600 dpi but doesn’t support the maximum 1,200 dpi optical resolution. While a couple of scans seemed a touch overexposed, generally their quality was more than good enough for office work.

Xerox B215: Review

Lean and Feature-Rich for the Price

The B215 sits at the top of a recent three-machine debut, which includes the Editors’ Choice print-only B210 and the B205 AIO, a pared-down iteration of the B215. With the B205, for a $50 difference in list prices, you give up automatic two-sided printing, a colour touch-screen control panel, and a few other notable features, including a 500-pages-per-month difference in the recommended monthly print volume.

Measuring 14.4 by 15.8 by 15.6 inches (HWD) and weighing 25.2 pounds, the B215 is slightly smaller and about 4 pounds lighter than Canon’s MF269dw, somewhat larger and heavier than Lexmark’s MB2336adw, and significantly smaller and just more than 9 pounds lighter than the Editors’ Choice Epson ET-M3170, a laser-alternative monochrome inkjet AIO.

The B215 comes with a 40-sheet manual-duplexing ADF, meaning that to scan and copy multipage two-sided documents, you must turn the originals over manually, which is the same as the MB2336adw’s 50-sheet manual-duplexing ADF. The MF269dw and the ET-M3170 both have 35-sheet auto-duplexing ADFs that scan two-sided originals without user intervention.

Setup and operation

Setting up the Xerox B215 is easy enough, once you have pulled out the toner cartridge, pulled away all of the packagings and reinserted it. The Quick Use Guide is well illustrated with helpful diagrams and is easy to follow despite having five other languages sharing the same pages. The touchscreen interface certainly helps when it comes to choosing your setup preferences and instructing the printer to join your Wi-Fi Network. The colourful icons make the menu easy to navigate and the touchscreen is surprisingly sensitive, making it easy to type in Wi-Fi passwords. It is also rather slow, so while the display looks a little like a smartphone, it certainly doesn’t feel like one and there’s a long second of delay before your swipe is registered and the display scrolls to the next screen.

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