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Why A Refilled Toner Cartridge Is Not A Good Idea

Refilled toner cartridge is different from a remanufactured toner cartridge. A compatible toner cartridge and a genuine toner cartridge are also different. A genuine toner cartridge is made by OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers and it comes with foolproof quality warranties and guarantees. 

The compatible toner cartridge is made by third parties and may or may not come with guarantees and warranties. A remanufactured toner cartridge is made up of old toner cartridge parts that have been refurbished. Refilled toner cartridge is an old cartridge with new toner inside of it. 

The overall cost of each of these options is different. The most expensive are genuine cartridges, while the costs of others fall in the same range. The main reason why people consider refilled cartridges is that some service providers offer their refilling services a lot cheaper than other options. 

Using a refilled toner cartridge

It is a well-known fact that laser printers are more budget-friendly than inkjet cartridges. The reason for this is that the initial cost of laser printers is lower than inkjet printers because it is the other way around. The reason is the cheaper running cost of laser printers which is a result of more efficient laser toner cartridges. 

While laser toner cartridges are more efficient and more cost-effective, they are too expensive. A lot of people put forth the idea of a refilled toner cartridge to avoid this expense. Unless you have experience of using refilled laser cartridges, the idea that it may save you money will appeal to you. As any expert will tell you, there are a lot of reasons why using refilled laser cartridges is not a great idea. 

It’s a financial gamble to use a refilled toner cartridge

The biggest argument in favor of using a refilled toner cartridge is money. The argument is that a refilled laser cartridge is cheaper than all other alternatives. However, this whole idea is flawed and limited. 

The flaw is in the idea that refilled laser cartridges will work to the best of their capability. That is not the case. Study has shown that every refilled laser cartridge has an average of 4 out 10 chance to work.

Toner cartridges that are refilled have a massive failure rate of 40%. That is just the likelihood that your printer will reject the refilled laser cartridge. Dealing with issues after a printer has accepted a refilled laser cartridge is a very different challenge altogether. 

Toner cartridges that are refilled are known to make the user print the same thing more than once quite often. This happens because the quality of prints from a refilled laser cartridge will drop off and on. 

Refilled toner cartridge will not be durable

This argument against using a refilled toner cartridge has been used by OEMs. This is the reason why there are not as many takers for this argument as there are for other arguments. The logic behind this argument can’t be denied. The argument is simple. It says that no matter how well your refilled toner cartridge was refilled, at the end of the day, the only thing new in it is the toner. 

A toner cartridge consists of numerous components. These components vary from one brand and cartridge model to another but there will always be numerous components. When an empty toner cartridge is refilled with a new toner, all its other components remain the same old components that were used earlier. 

The issue with this is that OEMs typically make their cartridges to be used for a predefined period of time or a certain amount of use. If the toner cartridge exceeds its limits, the chances of the refilled toner cartridge fails to up exponentially. 

Refurbished toner cartridges are better and safer because, during the refurbishing process, old components are replaced with new ones. The safe option if you want to save money is compatible toner cartridges as all the components are brand new. 

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