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Why Do Businesses Still Buy Copiers?

We are now in the digital age. It is very convenient to share files digitally, but there is still a need for papers. People still sign contracts and some companies still like paper. Although we have evolved and we are using less paper, it is not as bad as the infographic that was shown in 2014 by a paper and catalog company that wants to make you believe that an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. 

An advantage of being in the digital age is that we can save billions of pieces of paper because everything can now be found on the internet. In the digital age, more businesses are going paperless in the office and they now deal with documents digitally. Workers work in odd hours and a lot of them work virtually. Even with the clients, employees see that the amount of scanning of paper documents to digital documents is on the rise. 

But no matter how digital we become, businesses still need to print hard copies. Not everyone has an electronic device available all the time. You print hard copies so that everyone in a meeting can see what you are reading or presenting. Most meetings today involve large monitors so everyone can participate and see what it is about, but sometimes even then it is a bit difficult for those in the back of the room. Not everyone wants to review or sign a contract on a digital device. Everyone thought email was going to be the death of fax machines but they are still being used today. 

Studies have shown that even though there has been a rise in scanning with multi-function devices, paper printing is still popular and it is not going to go away anytime soon. 

We are slowly moving forward and every year more of our lives become linked to the digital world, but for now, we are still going to buy copiers and multifunction printers for every business, especially for legal, medical and insurance industries. 

As technology develops and grows, more and more companies are going paperless and are abandoning hard copies in favor of dealing with all of their documents over email or in the cloud. This is amazing news on many levels because this can result in less paper and waste plus it makes the lives of employees easier. It is about streamlining work, space, and productivity. Costs and technology are mainly driving this trend. Even in this digital age, it is still necessary for offices to have the ability to print hard copies. 

First reason is that not all businesses are paperless. Your office might be, but not all businesses and customers are on board with it yet. Your office must have the ability to print hard copies for those clients who need documents in physical form. It is best to invest in a copier or MFP if you do not have one. If you do have one, but it is not in working condition, call professional who specializes in copiers or multi-function printer repairs. 

Second, hard copies serve as a technology backup. Sometimes networks become unavailable, computers crash and storage systems can be hacked. There are instances wherein all data can be lost permanently. One business continuity strategy is having a backup of customer files electronically, but they keep a master copy of the records in paper form so it can help during downtime. While technology has improved vastly in the business world, there will never be any more foolproof method for record-keeping than paper documents stored in a safe place. It maybe a massive fire hazard, but this has been a reality and deterrent to change. 

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