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Are Photocopiers harmful to Health?

Photocopiers harmful to Health

The demand for copiers in business and personal use has grown a lot in this era. This is because having or using one is convenient and makes the work a lot easier than manually doing it one by one. Copier lease services in Philadelphia are indeed beneficial and practical and an advantage, but we all know that everything has an advantage and disadvantage. The question is, are photocopiers harmful to health? Let us see what may be the negative effects of copier on one’s health. Is it really harmful? should you worry when using a copier? Read more to find out. 

The effects of photocopiers on health

Respiratory Problem

Photocopiers are safe to use as long as it is well maintained. Photocopiers use toners that are powder in form, and the copier must be placed on a flat surface to avoid improper displacement. Manufacturers of copiers state that the copier must be placed in a well-ventilated room. This is because the copier produces ozone. When a person fails to maintain the copier in a well sitting and well-ventilated room, there may be a possibility of acquiring a respiratory problem.

Eye Irritation

Aside from a possible respiratory problem, another health problem you can get from a copier is eye irritation. This can happen when replacing toners as it may cause eye irritation when you’re not careful. 


We’re all aware that inks and toners are toxic materials and toxic substances are harmful to a person’s health.

UV Radiation

Copier’s glass plates have UV rays but in a very minimum content. UV rays can cause eye discomfort, so it is better to always leave the lid closed. 

Preventive Measures When Handling a Copier

Copiers do not have an extremely harmful effect on a person’s health as long as you handle your equipment well. Handling copiers is one of the many responsibilities as an owner once you acquire a copier for your business or your personal use. Listed below are some tips that you can apply to avoid the harmful effects of copiers on health. 

1.Place your copier in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated room. 

2. Ensure that it is placed on a flat surface to avoid spoilage of ink and toner. 

3. Be careful when replacing the toner and ink and wash your hands after the process.

4. To avoid exposure to UV radiation, make sure to always close the photocopier lid.

5. Do not stand-by beside the copier for a very long time to avoid exposure to EMF. 

6. Old copiers must be replaced, especially if they are making too much noise. Noise can cause stress and fatigue in the office. 

7. Ensure that the copier you’re going to buy has all the protective mechanisms to protect the users when using it. 

These are just some of the important tips that you must follow to evade health problems that a copier can cause. Though it may not be that harmful, you must always take precautions when handling equipment that contains toxic substances. 


Photocopiers are not harmful to human health as long as we know how to handle the equipment properly. Unlike other machines that can cause serious health problems such as cancers and tumors, photocopiers only cause a minimal allergic reaction such as eye irritation and nausea. 

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