Being innovative in business is one factor that should be considered whatever type of business you are into. It attracts more customers and possible recommendations for a guarantee. Being competitive in digital technology means moving forward in new ways.

Here are some innovations you can look for in copiers or printers:

  • Mobile Access

Printing on your mobile device would be more efficient and easier with the latest mobile print solutions. A solution such as an email is made convenient and secure. Mobile ready gives users a better way to print and connect from any device, regardless of time and place. Solutions help uplift the printing job to be more flexible.

  • Quality in Control

Choosing the right equipment for your printing business produces quality results. A good machine invested is worth an ability to assure you of creative and eye-catching outcomes. Maintaining good business feedback from the customers is quality control.

  • Color Impact

Customer materials in your prints make a good impact to create productivity. This can help grow your business because of more printing jobs. Innovative MFPs can set permissions to the color printing access control whatever type of document, at any time.

  • Cloud Accessibility

Multifunction printers let you print and scan from Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Services such as workflows in your Settings shortcuts just need to be downloaded and printed from your desktop. You can create and scan text-searchable PDFs so that information would never be locked up in an image capture or paper document through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Security in Printing

Printing confidential documents should always be taken into consideration. There are special features that can be integrated to allow integrated users to print-on-demand specific materials. Security is one important aspect of your printing business that should never be overlooked because it means your customers’ trust.

  • Personalized and Automated

Multifunction printers can be personalized to make your documents work for you better through their apps. You can have options to personalize your MFP like a button on the front panel that could automate submitting your expense reports. Like if you want to add your phone number to the front screen for toner reordering, you can have that personalized app possible. Workflows can give you significance through super-charge personalization.

  • Prioritized printing

You can look for a printer which could keep the printing jobs in line. There are the latest versions which you can look for with this technology to help it substitute automatically, and scale the closest size of paper when there is an unavailability of paper requested. You won’t have a hard time dealing with this problem anymore.

  • Help Administration

Helpdesk calls for printer maintenance are quite some burden you have to deal with, but probably not. You can reduce this burden through Xerox ConnectKey MFPs. Login can be remotely done to the front panel of the device, convenient to access without the need for you to leave your seat.


Having the technology on today’s printer helps solve bigger problems that arise along the operation. Multifunction devices make an advantage for the innovativeness in your workflows. They can even bridge new digital information to give you the agility that you need to keep your business moving.

You just have to be updated with the innovations that could fit your type of printing services. Outdated technology only adds to complexity. Dealing with your business to create productivity should not only make a priority to be considered but also how to keep your business growing and moving forward in the fastest phase of the digital society where innovativeness is the key to a more competitive level in the business world.

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